The WallyRacks story is another problem solver. After coaching and playing sports for years and owning too many home tools, I set out to build a wall storage rack for tools, sporting goods & hard to store items that was inexpensive and Made in the U.S.A.

It needed to fit on a stud, a beam, a door and drywall and had to work for small and large items. After a few versions WallyRacks were born. They’re small enough to fit anywhere and with a narrow & wide setting can be adjusted to hold anything without being remounted. They store more, which saves space. The base is incredibly strong and the solid oak dowels are strong, sustainable and removable. WallyRacks are a simple solution to organize your items and eliminate clutter. They are easy to install and best of all – they are MADE in the U.S.A.


“These little racks are awesome, the best!”  /  “Finally a storage rack made in the U.S.A.”  / “I love these for snowboards.”  /  “I could use a dozen of these, I need more!”


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